The assay kits are non-radioactive with all reagents included, and the probes are biotin pre-labeled. Signosis also provides the Highly Sensitive Northern Blot Assay kits, which are 100 times more sensitive than conventional chemiluminescent detection.


  • No Isotope required Safe method of detection using chemiluminescence.
  • No probe preparation Pre-labeled biotin probes included in each kit.
  • All components in one kitEverything needed to perform the assay is included.
  • Simple procedure No miRNA isolation required, total RNA can be used directly.
Product Name Catalog # Price   Qty
miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit including 2 gels NB-0001 $389
- +
miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit excluding 2 gels NB-0002 $359
- +
Highly sensitive miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit NB-1001 $409
- +