• Routine mycoplasma testing - All cell lines tested negative for mycoplasma.
  • High sensitive and responsive - Each cell line is validated to induce strong reporter signal.
  • Consistent - Kinase-TAD reporter construct is stably integrated into the genome to avoid experimental/cell-to-cell variations.
  • Time saving - Cell line can be used for experiments right away to study different signaling pathways.
Product Name Catalog # Price (FP)* Catalog # Price (NP)**   Qty
ELK-TAD Luciferase Reporter HEK293 Stable Cell Line SL-0040-FP $2,000 SL-0040-NP $950
- +
ELK-TAD Luciferase Reporter Hela Stable Cell Line SL-0041-FP $2,000 SL-0041-NP $950
- +
  • * For Profit (FP) price is for non-academic, private companies and institutes
  • ** Non Profit (NP) price is for academic, non profit organizations and institutes