Currently the cytokine ELISA strips for simultaneously monitoring 8 cytokines are available at Signosis. Signosis also provides custom ELISA strip for profiling particular cytokines you are interested in.

Signosis is offering  custom match&mix Cytokine ELISA strip. You can select any up to 8 cytokines in our inventory (human, mouse and rat), and we can make your strip in your convenience from our large inventory.

Cytokine ELISA Plate Arrays

TNFa        VEGF       PDGF-BB   IL-10

IFNr         EGF         PIGF-1      FGFb

G-CSF      IL-6         b-NGF       Leptin

GM-CSF   Resistin    SCF           IGF-1

IL-1a       PAI-1       MCP-1       TGF-b

IL-8         IL-12       MIP-1a      Adipo

IP-10       IL-13       IL-2          IL-17a

Rantes    Eotaxin-3  IL-4          IL-1b


To get started, please contact us directly at the number and email listed below:
Phone: 1-877-266-8388 or 1-408-747-0771

  • If you are interested in the custom Cytokine ELISA Strip, please let us know which cytokines you want to replace or provide us with a new list of the cytokines you are interested in.
  • The project will be initiated by a scientist and completed as soon as we can.