Currently Signosis provides cytokine ELISA plate arrays for monitoring up to 32 cytokines. Signosis also provides custom services for the development of an ELISA plate array to include any cytokines of the list.  For any cytokines that are not on the list, please call or send us an email.

Signosis is offering  custom match&mix Cytokine ELISA strip. You can select any up to 8 cytokines in our inventory (human, mouse and rat), and we can make your strip in your convenience from our large inventory.

Cytokine ELISA Plate Arrays

TNFa        VEGF       PDGF-BB   IL-10

IFNr         EGF         PIGF-1      FGFb

G-CSF      IL-6         b-NGF       Leptin

GM-CSF   Resistin    SCF           IGF-1

IL-1a       PAI-1       MCP-1       TGF-b

IL-8         IL-12       MIP-1a      Adipo

IP-10       IL-13       IL-2          IL-17a

Rantes    Eotaxin-3  IL-4          IL-1b


To get started, please contact us directly at the number and email listed below:
Phone: 1-877-266-8388 or 1-408-747-0771

  • Please provide us with a list of cytokines of interest. 
  • The project will be initiated by a scientist and completed as soon as we can.



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