By choosing this service you will benefit from;

  1. - Fast and reliable stable cell line generation with minimum turn around time of 8 weeks.
  2. - Strong technical expertise - Our highly experienced scientific team has established 60+ TF luciferase reporter and gene overexpression stable cell lines.
  3. - Excellent customer service - The experienced scientists will consult, discuss  and conduct your projects effectively. The complete functional test is also available upon your request.
  4. - Mycoplasma testing - We guarantee the absence of mycoplasma in generated cell lines.

Signosis provides custom services for making stable cell lines with vectors of your choice or vectors available in the Signosis catalog.  You can also provide your own cell lines or choose from our in-house collection.  The schematic for generating a stable cell line is pictured below and the process takes about 5-8 weeks on average, depending on the complexity of the project.