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Firefly Luciferase Substrate (100mL) LUC100 $499
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Signosis has developed Firefly Luciferase Substrate for detecting firefly luciferase activity in our luciferase reporter product lines, including stable cell lines, TF reporter plasmids, and our Bac-In reporter systems, as well as other firefly reporters in the market.  This reagent produces a strong light signal that is comparable to competitors' substrates but at a more cost-effective price.





HepG2 cells were transduced with Bac-In CMV-Luciferase for 24 hours and cells were lysed to assay for luciferase signal with the Signosis Firefly Luciferase Substrate.  Robust luciferase signal was detected after initial luminometer reading.  The signal showed little decay at 5 minutes post substrate addition and 80% of luciferase signal remained after 10 minutes.



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